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Qingdao Tonchel Industrial Equipment Co.,Ltd

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Qingdao Tonchel Industrial Equipment Co.,Ltd

A professional supplier of handheld laser welding machines

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Four core advantagesProtecting Your Laser Welding Machine

Tonchel Industry
  • Strict quality inspection, Guarantee product quality

    • 6S of production and assembly control, with strict control over all indicators.
    • Equipped with cutting-edge testing equipment in the industry,ensure product quality.
    • Certified by ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO45001, and subjected to various testing procedures.
  • Worry free after-sales service, Service is in place

    • Free maintenance during the warranty period.
    • Enjoy free remote training and detailed operation manuals.
    • Regular follow-up and free technical support provided at any time.
  • Large production volume, timely delivery, fast delivery

    • Modern production equipment, quality, cost, dual guarantee.
    • Multiple specifications, sufficient supply, and timely supply
    • Stable cooperative logistics and more efficient distribution of goods
  • Strong corporate strength, reputation and reputation

    • 10 years of experience in production and sales of laser welding machines.
    • "High tech enterprise", "ISO9001 certification", "AAA level credit enterprise"
    • 3000 square meter production base,  guaranteed delivery time

Tonchel Industry provides laser welding solutions for industries such as aluminum alloy doors and windows, stainless steel pipes, metal fences, sheet

Sample making example of handheld laser welding machine

Qingdao Tonchel Industrial Equipment Co.,Ltd

Company Profile - Tonchel Industry | Handheld Laser Welding Machine | Fiber Lase

Company Profile

Qingdao Tonchel Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2013. Its predecessor was the office established in China by Canadas High Mountain EconomyCulture Co., Ltd. and Canada HT Valve Group Co., Ltd. in Calgary, Canada. With the continuous development and growth of its business, it has established a company with independent legal personality. The company focuses on the research and development, production, and sales services of laser welding machines , laser cutting machines, laser marking machines, and laser cleaning machines. By continuously investing and purchasing advanced research and development, production, and testing equipment, we accelerate the development of a series of products with multiple varieties and specifications. We can customize various laser solutions accord...

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  • certificate
  • Office/Factory
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Environmental Management System
  • ISO9001 certification
  • Mayor's Cup Innovation Award
  • Specialized and innovative cert
  • 3A Credit Enterprise
  • Assembly workshop -3
  • Assembly workshop -2
  • Assembly workshop -1
  • Factory Appearance
  • Office environment
  • 加工车间-龙门加工中心
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  • Ask:What are the advantages and characteristics of handheld laser welding machines?

    Answer:Handheld laser welding machines have various advantages and characteristics, some of which are as follows. Efficiency: The handheld laser welding machine uses a high-energy laser beam to irradiate the material surface, which can quickly mel...

  • Ask:What industries can small and portable laser welding machines be applied to?

    Answer:Handheld laser welding machines are widely used in various industries, and the following are some specific application scenarios: 1. Automotive industry: In the automotive industry, handheld laser welding machines are mainly used for weldin...

  • Ask:What are the models of laser welding machines?

    Answer:Handheld laser welding machines according to the power of the laser are divided into 1000W laser welding machines, 1500W laser welding machines, 2000W laser welding machines, 3000W laser welding machines, etc. At present, the mainstream pro...

  • Ask:How to choose a handheld laser welding machine?

    Answer:When choosing a handheld laser welding machine , you need to consider the following factors: 1. Power of laser welding machine : The higher the power, the greater the welding depth and melting amount, and the thicker the material that can b...

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